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Reference Acronym Name Director
GIUV2013-003 SAMA Food and Enviromental Safety Yolanda Picó García
GIUV2013-005 COAL Contamination of Food Jorge Mañes Vinuesa
GIUV2013-009 LINCE Research Lab on Endothelial Cell Carlos Hermenegildo Caudevilla
GIUV2013-010 VALORTO-INVES Orthodontics Research Group Vanessa María de Paredes Gallardo
GIUV2013-024 GINFAR Pharmacology of Inflammation
María José Alcaraz Tormo
GIUV2013-025 EVALUAMECO Formulation, technologycal assessment and pharmacokinetic evaluation of drugs and cosmetics Matilde Merino Sanjuan
GIUV2013-065 INVESDROGA Psychobiology of Drug Dependence
José Miñarro López
GIUV2013-067 BIONUTEST Study on stability, bioavailability and biological effects of components of the food and nutritional evaluation Reyes Barbera Sáez
GIUV2013-069 Facthum Human factor and road safety research group Luis Montoro González
GIUV2013-082 DRUGBIOP Drug Bioavailability Optimization Group Teresa María Garrigues Pelufo
GIUV2013-152 UOCEM Celular and Molecular Ophthalmobiology Unit Manuel José Díaz Llopis
GIUV2013-123 NAPRODIN Naturally-occurring anti-inflammatory agents M. Carmen Recio Iglesias
GIUV2013-141 LMN Research group in LADMER, microparticles and nanoparticles of drugs José Esteban Peris Ribera
GIUV2013-147 NBiNA Neurobiotechnology and Neuroanatomy Francisco Olucha Bordonau
GIUV2013-154 GIPTD Dental pathology and therapeutics research group Leopoldo Forner Navarro
GIUV2013-159 GIESA Research Group on Epidemiology and Environmental Health Ferrán Ballester Díez
GIUV2013-169 OPiC Preventive and Community Dentistry José Manuel Almerich Silla
GIUV2013-174 SNC Central Nervous System Tumours Research Group
José Miguel Cerdá Nicolás
GIUV2013-179 ENVEST Aging and social stress: pharmacological and behavioral neuroprotective mechanisms Rosa Redolat Iborra
GIUV2013-181 FRESHAGE Age and Exercise Research Group
José Viña Ribes
GIUV2014-193 FTR Physiotherapy Technology and Recovering Yasser Alakhdar Mohmara
GIUV2014-195 NUTRALIMEN Nutrition and Food Science Ana María Frígola Canoves
GIUV2014-198 INFORSE Innovation in Railway, Road Safety and Ergonomics Francisco J. Toledo Castillo
GIUV2014-200 UFDI Digestive and Inflammatory Diseases Research Unit
Juan Vicente Esplugues Mota
GIUV2014-206 INVTEA Research in Autism Spectrum Disorders Gemma Pastor Cerezuela
GIUV2015-212 CiAlBEx Food sciencies based on the evidence and experimentation José Miguel Soriano del Castillo
GIUV2015-215 LabNSC Laboratory of social cognitive neuroscience
Otilia Alicia Salvador Fernández-Montejo
GIUV2015-231 NEUROSOC Social Neuroscience Luis Moya Albiol
GIUV2015-237 NEUROPHARAD Addiction neuropharmacology Ana Polache Vengut
GIUV2015-236 PSICONPROS Psychosocio-educational and emotional variables involved in prosocial behavior
Mª Vicenta Mestre Escrivá
GIUV2015-243 CIRUBUCA Research Group in Oral Surgery, Implantology and Oral Rehabilitation María Peñarrocha Diago
GIUV2015-249 ERR Rare Respiratory Diseases Research Group Amparo Escribano Montaner
GIUV2015-253 TERAMOL Molecular therapies research group Julián Carretero Asunción
GIUV2015-258 COPOS Research group on cellular and organic Physiopathology of oxidative stress and rare diseases Federico Vicente Pallardó Calatayud
GIUV2016-281 CARMEN Healthy ageing in women Antonio Cano Sánchez
GIUV2016-286 ResPediaTu Translational Research Group on Pediatric Solid Tumors Rosa Noguera Salvá
GIUV2016-287 UMIC Joint Research Unit for Cerebrovascular Disease, La Fe Hospital IIS Research Foundation - University of Valencia Francisco Javier Miranda Alonso
GIUV2016-292 IMPARCLI Immunoparasitology and Clinical Parasitology Rafael Toledo Navarro
GIUV2016-291 CoRTeTSol Research group in colorectal cancer and new therapeutic developments in solid tumors Andrés Manuel R. Cervantes Ruiperez
GIUV2016-294 BMPV Molecular Biology of Parasites and Vectors
M Dolores Bargues Castello
GIUV2016-299 ParaSalut Parasites and Health María Teresa Galan Puchades
GIUV2016-307 NEURESTRES Neuropsychology of stress and cognitive and affective processes Esperanza González Bono
GIUV2016-312 GIEX-TMAP Ideaspsychiatry Excellence Research Group
Rafael Tabares Seisdedos
GIUV2016-314 UBIC Research unit in Clinical biomechanics María Pilar Serra Añó
GIUV2016-317 HCMT History of Science, Medicine and Technology
Josep Lluís Barona Vilar
GIUV2016-319 Medreprod Embryonic viability, endometrial receptivity and stem cells in Reproductive Medicine.
Carlos Antonio Simon Valles
GIUV2016-335 MIR Reproductive Medicine
Antonio Pellicer Martínez
GIUV2016-337 MINERVA Male infertility and embryo viability Jose Alejandro Remohi Gimenez
GIUV2016-339 PT_AGE Physiotherapy in the Ageing Process, Social and Health Care Strategies Celedonia Igual Camacho
GIUV2017-344 TMEIC Psychological assessment and intervention in cognition in mental disorder. Juan C. Ruiz Ruiz
GIUV2017-350 Gastro Group of Experimental Gastroenterology Juan Jose Sastre Belloch
GIUV2017-358 GIFIME Research group in medical physics Rosa María Cibrian Ortiz de Anda
GIUV2017-359 ARMAQoL Advanced Research Methods Applied to Quality of Life promotion Maria Amparo Oliver Germes
GIUV2017-371 Pers@luD Personality, cognitive-emotional aspects and health Yolanda Andreu Vaillo
GIUV2017-371a EPIGEM Genetic and Molecular Epidemiology
Maria Dolores Corella Piquer
GIUV2017-389 EXINH Exercise intervention for health José Casaña Granell
GIUV2017-398 FROG Frailty and cognitive impairment Omar Cauli
GIUV2018-405 OncoMol Molecular Oncology Carlos Camps Herrero
GIUV2018-413 INMUNOFARM Vascular Immunopharmacology María Jesús Sanz Ferrando
GIUV2018-416 FIPTEO Research group on Physiopathology, prevention and treatment of eye diseases Ángel Luis Ortega Valero
GIUV2018-420 GESADA Group of study of the anatomical substrate of pain and analgesia Alfonso Amador Valverde Navarro
GIUV2018-421 GIAVAL Valencia Anatomy Research Group Juan Alberto Sanchís Gimeno
GIUV2018-426 FarCardVas Cardiovascular Pharmacology María Pilar D'Ocon Navaza
GIUV2018-427 REME Design and Analysis in Applied Psychology M. Dolores Frías Navarro
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