'Gurumbé. Canciones de tu memoria negra. 2016'

Gurmbé documentary poster

Date: 9 june 2020 at 19:00 to 21:00. Tuesday.


Place: Aula Magna. Centre Cultural La Nau


Film on Human Rights

“Gurumbé. Songs from your black memory” 72 min. (1:07’ viewable). Spain 2016. 

Miguel Ángel Rosales. OV Spanish and Portuguese. General public.

History, music and the work of the researchers that will reveal incredible conclusions. During centuries there were sub-Saharan slaves in Spain, and certain dynasties created their fortune with this market. Nonetheless, the most shocking thing is that the dominant music increases when there are migrant dinghies in the Spanish coasts.

Free entry but subjected to the capacity of the Hall

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Org: Amnistía Internacional València

Col: Aula de Cinema. Universitat de València.


Contact: auladecinema@uv.es

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