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University of Valencia and its natural environments: Albufera Natural Park

Schedule: From 2 may 2012 to 23 may 2012. Tuesday, wednesday, saturday and sunday at 11:00 to 19:00.


Place: Museu Valencià de la Festa


The exhibition, produced by the University of Valencia through the Vice-Principal for Territorial Projection and Participation's Support Unit, is composed of 25 exhibition panels produced by the teaching and researching staff of the different departments of the University, as well as by the technicians of the Natural Park and other specialists affiliated to the wetland (Confederación Hidrográfica del Júcar, Conselleria de Medio Ambiente, etc.).

No doubt this constitutes a great multidisciplinary exhibition since the topics covered include the historical formation of the lake, the fauna, the contamination and quality of the waters, the (paleo)limnology and edafology, the restoration of the dunes, the 'malladas' or 'ullals', the main economic activities carried out in the area (fishing, ricefield, industry) or the hydraulic heritage landmarks (irrigation channels, 'vapores', 'tancats') present in the Albufera environment.

The Vice-principal for Participation and Territorial Projection, Jorge Hermosilla, has shown a special interest in making this exhibition, pioneering in the history of La Abufera, tour all the villages located in the surroundings of the Natural Park, due to the strong bonds (social, economic, cultural or environmental) that these villages hold with the Valencian wetland.

Exhibition Opening: May 8, at 18:30.

Opening Hours: Thursday and Sunday 11:00-13:30; Wednesday-Saturday 11:00-13:30 and 17:30-19:00.

Organized by:

Jornadas Universitat de València-Municipio de Algemesí.


Contact: vicerec.participacio.projeccio@uv.es; unitatsuport@uv.es

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