The initial internal whistleblowing channel is conceived as a confidential means of communication through which to report possible irregular practices that may be committed at the Universitat de València.
instance of the Electronic Headquarters of the UV for the processing of anti-fraud complaints addressed to the Office of the General Secretary.
The complaints channel will be accessible both to the university community and to any person outside it who is in possession of relevant data on possible irregular practices. This channel shall be designed, established and managed in a secure manner that guarantees the confidentiality of the identity of the whistleblower.
Whistleblowers' names shall only be disclosed with their express consent or by court order. The name shall also be disclosed to the reported person when it has been established that the reporting person acted in bad faith by deliberately communicating false facts, so that he/she may exercise the civil and criminal actions that he/she deems appropriate.
The body responsible for receiving complaints shall be the Office of the General Secretary. It shall determine the person or persons suitable to be entrusted with the investigation and clarification of the alleged facts.