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Amores Grup de percussió

Amores Grup de percussió. Serenates 2019. Concert. 25/06/2019. Centre Cultural La Nau. 22.30h

Serenates 2019. Concert. Centre Cultural La Nau

2019 Serenades

30 years of the history of percussion in Valencia
Percussion Group Amores  

The percussion group AMORES presents us a briefing of the most representative works of the repertoire that has been performed during its 30 years of history. AMORES was founded in 1989. It is formed by Pau Ballester, Ángel García i Jesús Salvador Chapi. It takes the name from John Cage’s homonymous work, which has had an enormous influence on the group. In their large career they have developed a fundamental role in the evolution of percussion music in Spain, with the collaboration of important international soloists. Additionally, its professional career has always been linked to research, teaching and education activities.

Not numbered seat. Limited capacity

Early ticket sale (PVP 3€) at www.latenda.es/entrades or La Nau Cultural Centre

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