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Presentation of the Poetry Club

Head of the Club: M. Consuelo Candel.
We have known it for a while: a lot of poetry is written at the University. Verses that often never come to light, poetic careers barely outlined in some cases and, in others, accompanied by a profound vocation. There is, therefore, a murmur of verses at the University, which we touch and which often fades away because it has not been nourished. The Poetry Club aims to create a space where this poetic activity can be nurtured, a space that uncovers some verses of this hidden poetic tide, so that their authors can compare their writing, reflect on it and, through the knowledge of already established works, to have more resources available to be enriched. A space that wants to prevent that the loneliness and silence that accompany writing go beyond the necessary and prevent poetic careers from consolidating due to the lack of meeting and reflection points to progress.
We should not waste the creative potential of a public institution like the University, which researches, studies, translates and reads poetry from different literatures, periods and styles. The achievements of the Poetry Club will depend largely on knowing how to unify so many scattered energies through activities that encourage the participation of those interested in poetry, whether poets, professors, students, researchers or poetry readers. And to do that we need everyone who, in one way or another, can participate.

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