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‘César Simón’ Poetry Award
The ‘César Simón’ Poetry Award is extensible to authors of every nationality, which should present a non publisher nor awarded work. The topic and the rime are free and the language should be Spanish. Participants aim for an award with a monetary amount depending on the retention and publication of the work in the publisher Dens as a part of the Calabria collection. To do so, published works must be sensed to the Office of the Vice-Principal for Culture and Sport of the Universitat de València (C/ Universitat 2, 46003, Valencia), stating that they participate in the ‘César Simón Award’.


Call and terms, XVII Edition Poetry Prize César Simón [+]

Extract from the Official Gazette of the Valencian Government Call( DOGV ) [+]

Poemaries admitted [+]

Resolution award XVII Edition César Simón Poetry Prize [+]




Universitat de València Awards of creation writing.
The Students’ Delegation, the SeDi Information and Promotion Service and the Faculty of Language Studies, Translation and Communication invite the students enrolled in the current academic year in any degree leading to an official title and under 35 years by the 31 of December. Authorship can be individual or collective, complying all members the age requirements. Participants can take part in any of the stablished modalities of this call:
- Poetry in Valencian
- Poetry in Spanish
- Short Story in Spanish
- Short Theatre
- Short Film Script
Awards of each modality imply a monetary award and the publication of the work. It is essential to present the documentation in the terms of the call in order to participate. The awards committee will publish the results in the notice board of the SeDi and in the web of the Universitat de València.

University of Valencia Creative Writing Awards