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The Literature Society aims to be a bridge between literature and university life by promoting literature creation, reading and writing. The programme of the society targets all the members of the university community (professors, students and administrative staff) and the society in general. The society was initially thought as meeting point, in which all literature approaches, tastes and sensibilities can exist side by side. Thus, the society targets hardened and occasional readers and writers, poets and new poetry readers, those readers fascinated by noir or historical fiction, science fiction or online poetry… even those who just read manuals or notes and want to enrich their soul.

We offer to all of them this cultural space, where they will be able to attend talks, seminars, meeting with writers, conferences, panels of discussion as well as writing and reading workshops throughout all the academic year. The Literature Society of the Universitat de València intends to become a space to learn and love literature by reading books or listening recited stories. We invite you to know us, propose new ideas and join our programme of events.