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Secondary and high school teachers (max. 15 assistants)

Registration: from 2 to 26 November 2021. Extension of the registration period until December 20, 2021.


15 Gener de 2022 de 9.15 a 14.15 horas, Aules M03 i M04, a la Facultat de Fisioteràpia de la Universitat de València (C. Gascó Oliag, 5, 46010 València).



  1. Anatomy and main injuries of the skeleton (1'5 h). The objective is to teach the anatomy of the skeleton, in a simple and practical way, with the use of slides and models of the spine. Learn to recognize the main osseous and muscular structures of the skeleton.  Then, the most important injuries of the skeleton will be explained, as well as those that cause pain. Videos and slides will be shown for better learning.
  2. Prevention guidelines: postural control and ergonomics (1'5 h). Postural hygiene tips and recommendations will be explained and the main ergonomic norms to prevent pain and skeletal injuries will be learned, in a theoretical and practical way, which will help them in their workplace, the classroom. The teachers will learn how to sit up, how to have a good posture at the computer, how to be upright, as well as how to handle and carry chairs so as not to injure their skate. 
  3. Exercises to improve posture, strengthen and flex the muscles of the side (2 h). Teachers will learn different strategies to improve the health of their skeleton. They will learn different exercise modalities to exercise their skeletal muscles, which they will practice individually, using different materials (Pilates balls, matalafets, elastic bands, etc.). They will also practice simple exercises that can be incorporated into their regular routine, as a form of prevention.
  4. Stretching, self-massage and relaxation. Finally, they will perform in pairs and individually, a stretching class using matalafet, Pilates pilates, piques,... In addition, they will also be taught different techniques of self-massage, relaxation techniques and breathing control, which will be practiced in the classroom as a group and in pairs.


Program to download in pdf


  • Mercè Balasch i Bernat. Department of Physiotherapy, Faculty of Physiotherapy, Universitat de València.
  • Núria Sempere Rubio. Department of Physiotherapy of the Faculty of Physiotherapy of the Universitat de València.