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Samples preservation 

  • Two refrigerators with separate compartment for samples preservation at 4oC and-20oC
  • A chest freezer -20oC and a chamber of -15oC
  • A chest of -80oC
  • Storage tank and liquid nitrogen dispenser
  • Upright freezer -20oC

Basic equipment 

  • Autoclave
  • Different set of single channel pipettes for daily usage and multichannel electronic pipettes
  • Electronic multi-dispenser of samples
  • Mettler Toledo AX 205 Analytical Balance

DNA extraction 

  • Thermostat bath
  • Two centrifuges for Eppendorf tubes for 0,02-2 ml tubes
  • Spectrophotometer
  • Beadbeater8 (Biospec) mini sample grinder
  • Eppendorf 5810 Centrifuge, chilled and with plate rotor “deep well”
  • Retch MM400 sample grinder

PCR sample processing

  • Four thermocyclers for simultaneous processing of 96 samples
  • Thermocylcer on gradient system for 96 samples (analytic jena)
  • Electrophoresis cuvettes for horizontal agarose gels (DNA).
  • Equipment for capturing images and thermal printer


  • Orbital shaker for bacterial culture
  • Laminar flow hood
  • Refrigerated centrifuge with rotors for tubes of 50ml and plates
  • Stove for bacterial culture
  • Hybridization oven

Sequencing sample processing and analysis of fragments labeled with fluorochromes


  • Berthold Mithras LB 940 microplate multimode reader