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Maintenance. The maintenance service of facilities and scientific equipment is in charge of the following duties:

  • Telephone installation (wiring)
  • Electricity and scrapping (tanks, pressure group, limescale removers, conduits, traps, sanitary taps, heaters…)
  • Installation of laboratory gas (storage houses, bottle carriers, pressure regulators, stopcocks, conduits…)
  • Installation of distilled water (filters, resin bullets, head, Millipore equipment, conduits…)
  • Cold storages (compressors, fans, radiators, lamination valves, thermostats…)
  • Laboratory facilities (gas cabinets, conduits, turbines)
  • Scientific and laboratory equipment (analysers, stoves, blenders, scales and equipment in general)
  • Office and laboratory furniture (locksmith, carpentry…)
  • Fleet of vehicles (periodic reviews, repairs, MOT)
  • Waste (batteries, toner, cartridges, fluorescent tubes, damaged material…)