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Programme code: 3101

Regulations: Royal Decree 99/2011

Knowledge branch: Sciences

Doctoral website:

Organised by:Faculty of Biological Sciences

Management Centre:Postgraduate School

Participating Universities:University of Valencia

Programme Coordinator:Dr. Rosario Gil García

Places available for new students:20 places

Aims: The aim of the programme is to enable students to get the degree of doctor in the area of Biodiversity and Evolutionary Biology. They will be able to develop advanced research and technological activities within this domain of knowledge, both in state institutions of higher education and research and in public and private companies.

Description: Studies of biodiversity and evolutionary biology are closely related and are a central field within the biological sciences. On the one hand, biodiversity is a concept that involves several levels of biological organization. It ranges from genes to ecosystems, through individuals and how they are taxonomically structured. Biodiversity studies are due to meet basic or applied need to measure, inventory, conserve and manage the variety of biological entities that nature hosts. The emphasis on conserving and managing shows the applied implications of the concept of biodiversity. The programme has had mentions of recognition since they were created, either the Quality Award or the newly formed Excellence Award. The University of Valencia, mainly in the departments associated with the Faculty of Biological Sciences and the Institute of Biodiversity and Evolutionary Biology, has the material and scientific and academic ability to undertake a doctoral programme in biodiversity and evolutionary biology. In addition, there are centres in which CSIC participates that work assiduously in this training area, as IBMCP (Institute for Plant Molecular and Cell Biology); joint centre CSIC-Universitat Politècnica de València) and CIDE (Desertification Research Centre; Joint Center CSIC-University of Valencia, Valencian Government).

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