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Thesis supervising and co-supervising

1. The Doctoral Academic Committee (CAD) will appoint each doctoral student, in the maximum period of six months since the enrolment, a doctoral thesis supervisor who can be the same or different to the tutor. This supervisor can be any doctor with properly accredited researching experience independent from the university, centre or institute where he/she develops his/her work.

2. A doctoral thesis may be co-supervised by a maximum of three doctors who meet the above-mentioned requirements. In cases in which the subject of the thesis is of interdisciplinary nature or there is a programme developed in collaboration with other national or international universities, a previous authorisation of the Doctoral Academic Committee is required. A thesis can also be co-supervised when this co-supervision is carried out by an experienced supervisor and a novice supervisor or when there is another reason of academic nature that may be of benefit to the thesis.

3. No doctor of the Universitat de València can supervise or co-supervise more than 10 theses simultaneously.

4. A thesis supervisor or co-supervisor may renounce a supervision by presenting a reasoned written document to the Doctoral Academic Committee, who will respond to the request and will proceed to the appointment of another supervisor or co-supervisor to continue with the doctoral thesis.

5. The Doctoral Academic Committee may modify, in accordance with the doctoral student and whenever there is a justified reason, the appointment of a thesis supervisor or co-supervisor in any moment during the realisation of the thesis.

6. In the case of a co-supervised doctoral thesis, students must work under the responsibility of at least one thesis supervisor of each of the universities who have signed the agreement.

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