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The doctoral studies will guarantee, as minimum, the acquisition by doctoral students of the basic competences which are part of the Qualifications frameworks in the European Higher Education Area (QF-EHEA), to wit: the systematic understanding of the field of study of legal science, and the mastery of their skills and research methods; the ability to conceive, design or create, to put into practice and adopt a substantial process of research or creation; the ability to carry out a critical and evaluation analysis and synthesis of new and complex ideas, as well as the ability of communicating to the academic and scientific community and to society in general about their fields of knowledge; and the ability to promote, in academic and professional contexts, the scientific, technological, social, artistic or cultural progresses within a society based on knowledge.

The main purpose is the development and defence of the doctoral thesis in neurosciences, in whose process the doctoral students may acquire a high professional training in various fields, especially in those which require creativity and innovation, in order to get on contents with few specific information, find the key questions that must be answered in order to solve a complex problem, design, create, develop and undertake new and innovative projects in their field of knowledge, etc.