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Doctoral Programme in Business Management

Assessment criteria of candidates merits:
·Average score in the degree giving access to the doctoral programme: up to 5 points
·Accredited research: up to 4 points.
·Accredited professional and teaching experience: up to 3 points
·Doctoral scholarships: up to 3 points
·Previous training (contents similar to the doctoral studies subjects): up to 2 points
·Personal interview or motivation letter (motivation, objectives and professional development to be achieved with the doctoral studies will be specifically valuated): up to 2 points
·Accredited languages: up to 1 point
Note: candidates should have a minimum score of 12 points for admission.
Part-time students:
The entry requirements are the same, but a letter of justification of the reasons contributing to request this option will be required. The reasons should be considered sufficient by the academic committee (e.g. being active worker in the academic or professional field).