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Doctoral Programme in Clinical and Health Psychology

Programme code: 3150

Regulations: RD 99/2011

Knowledge branch: Health sciences

Doctoral website:

Organised by:Department of Psychological Personality,Evaluation and Treatment

Management Centre:Postgraduate School

Participant Universities:Universitat de València Estudi General

Programme coordinator:Dra. Amelia Díaz Valcárcel

1st year available places:5 places

Aims: The goal of the doctoral programme in Clinical and Health Psychology is to train researchers that want to make their doctoral theses within the field of Clinical and Health Psychology. To do so, there are the following specific goals: - To focus the students’ attention on the identification and approach relevant research problems, both to basic and applied levels. - To use the appropriate analysis methodological tools for the development of a research. -Instill the role of the scientific debate and evaluation for developing a research of quality, training researchers with high level of competence. -To foster the development and defence of doctoral theses that become a referent in their research field, making possible the publication and dissemination of scientific results in national and international reference journals, specially in journals with quality rate. - To promote the creation of researchers networks, who are involved in the current knowledge society. -To promote the transfer of knowledge among all the private and public bodies involved with Clinical and Health Psychology.

Description: The Department of Psychological Personality, Evaluation and Treatment, who proposes this programme jointly with other departments of the Faculty of Psychology, has a solid tradition within the framework of the Doctoral studies at the University of Valencia. From 1989 to nowadays, the Department has offered four Doctoral Programmes with different names, such as: “Health Psychology”, “Personality, Cognition and Society”, “Personality: Clinical and Social Approaches” and “Personality Psychology: Intervention in Clinical and Social Areas”. All these Programmes, in their consecutive editions, has caused great interest among the graduates from the different degrees that could have access to them; as a prove of this there was a high demand for admission application forms, which has forced us to apply selection criteria. The interesting factor of the Doctoral Programme is that it trains doctors in Clinical and Health Psychology from the areas of their specific competence, which is closely interconnected with the current predominant role of psychologists in the health sector, understanding this role in a wide sense, this is, including the aspects related both to the physical and mental health.

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