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La Facultat de Dret will host in September the tenth international meeting of CONPEDI (Brazil)

  • 2 agosto de 2019

The National Council of Pesquisa e Poster-graduação em Direito (CONPEDI) is the Scientific Society of Law of Brazil, organized through a civil association with legal personality of private law and non-profit purposes that encourages and promotes legal studies and development of Postgraduate Studies in Law in Brazil. Its institutional actions respond to the challenge of designing a comprehensive investigation in the field of Law for the social advancement of the country.

Since its creation on October 17, 1989, CONPEDI has held National Meetings and Congresses that offer visibility to scientific production in the field of Law. Through the events, the publication of thousands of doctrinal articles and poster presentations defended by Brazilian researchers on the most diverse topics has already been sponsored.
From 2014, in association with international institutions of higher education, CONPEDI was projected outside Brazil and began to carry out various activities and meetings both in the Americas and in Europe, in cities such as Barcelona, ​​Baltimore, Montevideo, Quito or Zaragoza , among other. Within the framework of these international meetings, the X International Meeting of CONPEDI will take place in Valencia on September 4, 5 and 6, at the Faculty of Dret of the University of Valencia.

The theme chosen for this occasion, and which will act as the focus of the debates between speakers and speakers, is that of the Social State crisis. The Meeting will open on September 4, Wednesday, at 6:00 p.m. in the Auditorium of the historic building on Calle de la Nave, with a solemn act chaired by the rector of the University of Valencia, Mavi Mestre, and in the that Senator Javier de Lucas, Professor of Philosophy of Law and Politics at the UV, will deliver the inaugural conference entitled “Why did the social status cease to be an effective inclusion machine?”.

During the 5th and 6th, the panels and round tables will continue around this very current topic. The participation of nearly 400 Brazilian congressmen is planned, with which fifty professors from the UV will collaborate. In addition, there will be a meeting between the CONPEDI management and the master directors of the Tarongers Campus interested in strengthening ties with postgraduate studies in Brazil. It should be remembered that the Brazilian university system is the largest in Latin America, with more than 7 million students


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