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Women and science series at the Botànic

Imagen niña con título Dones i ciència al Botànic

Schedule: From 13 february 2018 to 16 february 2018. Tuesday, wednesday, thursday and friday at 19:00 to 21:00.


Place: Jardí Botànic de la Universitat de València C/ Quart 80 46008 València


To visualise the work of female scientists, to claim their contributions, to facilitate and promote the access of women and girls to scientific and technical fields and to promote the practising of activities which favour equality. These are some of the aims of the commemoration of the International Day of the Women and Girls in Science, celebrated since 2016. This year it will be held at the Botanic Garden with a series of activities which include talks, debates and the screening of the film “Figuras Ocultas” (Hidden Figures).

We expect the series of activities we have prepared to serve as an inspiration for present and new generations. In order to do so, we will count on the presence of first level female scientists who will share the projects in which they are focused. We will show the remarkable contribution of women in sectors with scarce female presence and we will reflexion over the role of women in fields like the science-fiction.

Tuesday, 13rd February. 7 pm. Hort de Tramoieres Room.

Ana Cros. Andaduras de una física en la Ciencia de los Materiales (The path of a female physicist in Materials Science).

Interlude. Un poema para la ciencia (A poem for science).

Isabel Cordero. Descubriendo el universo con ondas gravitatorias (Discovering the universe with gravitational waves).

Wednesday, 14th February. 7 pm. Hort de Tramoieres Room.

Lucía Hipólito. Sexo , drogas y... dolor (Sex, drugs and… pain).

Interlude. Un poema para la ciencia (A poem for science).

M. Carmen Fuentes. ConCIENCIA marina, investigación en reproducción animal como proyecto de conservación. (Marine awareness, researching on animal procreation as a conservation project).

Thursday, 15th February. Hort de Tramoieres Room.

Round table: “Dones i ciència ficció” (Women and science-fiction) with the participation of Maria Tordera, Juan Miguel Aguilera, Cruz Gabaldón and Sergio Mars. Moderator: Elena Denia.

Friday, 16th February. Joan Plaça Auditorium.

Screening “Figuras Ocultas” (Hidden Figures) – VOSE.

All the events are free. Limited capacity.

Organized by:

Jardí Botànic UV en colaboración con El Café Cuántico, La Física del Grel, INGENIO (CSIC-UPV), Neuroforum, Early Universe y Productora Audiovisual Cuatro Films. .



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