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Instructions for the registration of visiting researchers from abroad

The University of Valencia may receive visiting researchers from abroad who would like to carry out a temporary stay to teach or conduct research.

An invitation is required from the UV Teaching and Research Staff (hereinafter PDI), which will act as the host.

A registration procedure has been set up for visiting researchers from abroad so that the University of Valencia can be aware of the visiting researchers who are on the premises and in order for the PDI to have an adequate means to communicate these stays. Please follow the instructions provided below.

Duration of stays

Only stays that have a duration of more than 15 days require registration.

Application form

  1. Download the application form to be completed by the host PDI.
  2. Read Help document.
  3. Access this link and follow the instructions provided on the “Help Document”.
  4. Send the form and download the paper proving that you have sent it.

If you need help with the application, please contact


Registration will remain open all year.

The University of Valencia PDI that will host a visiting researcher must complete the application form 15 days in advance of the date of incorporation of the visiting researcher at the University of Valencia.