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2nd University Hackathon of Capgemini: Game of Cloud

  • November 22nd, 2017
2nd University Hackathon of Capgemini: Game of Cloud

We invite you to participate in Capgemini-UV Chair, you can win important awards and access to the talent program endowing grants, practical trainings and the selection process in Capgemini.

Information and registration

We invite you to participate in the 2nd Hackathon of Capgemini. The GAME OF CLOUD consists in a University Hackathon that will take place on 24 November. Also, it will be celebrated in the Universitat de València, Universidad Politécnica in Madrid, University of Oviedo and University of Murcia at the same time. The School of Engineering of the Universitat de València participates as a main collaborator in the development of the technology proposal (information extraction from Kinect cameras), along with the Centre for Excellence Java Devon of the Capgemini in Valencia.

A multidisciplinary teams of 3 or 5 people (back-end, front-end, designer… etc.) will be created and you can experience in a period of 12 hours with new technologies: IoT, MicroServices, Cloud, API, etc. in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere that will help you to foster your creativity and the creativity of your team of young talents.  Remember that you can take part of a team with whoever you want.


Each of the winner teams from different localizations of the event (Valencia, Madrid, Oviedo and Murcia) will receive an Amazon card with 1000€.

The national winner will win other 2000 € in an Amazon card as a recognition for the entire work team.


8, 45 a.m.  Reception of participants
9 a.m.  Opening talk
9,30 a.m. Official opening of the development time.
2 p.m. A break to have a lunch
3 p.m. We follow with the development
7,30 p.m. Official time to the development time
8 p.m.  The demos of the different teams
9 p.m. Judgement of the jury and regional and national awards ceremony.
9, 30 p.m. Closing event and cocktail.

Register now. Limited places by rigorous enrolment order.

Sponsored by IBM

More information and registration: