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Workshop McKinsey Analytics

  • 10 de febrer de 2020
Workshop McKinsey Analytics

19 de febrer de 2020

Sala de Juntes 0.2.4 de 15:30h a 19:30h

At McKinsey Analytics we help companies solve their strategic challenges by applying Data Science to come up with creative and innovative solutions. In this 2-3h workshop, you will get a taste of the work we do.

What will you do?

  • You will work as a Data Scientist to solve one of the problems we face on our daily projects
  • As a Data Scientist at McKinsey, you will help a bank figure out why their clients leave to competitors
  • This is commonly referred to as a Churn use case. We define use cases as common questions our clients have, which help us kick-start our engagements
  • From defining business needs to make final recommendations, you will be responsible for all phases of the development of a model
  • On our workshop, you will get a taste of the work that we do, which includes data wrangling and modeling

What do you need?

  • One laptop each 3-4 people
    • We recommend using Python as the main coding language, but you could also use R if you feel more comfortable:
    • Download and install Anaconda
    • Create an environment with Python 3.6
    • in the environment just created

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