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Charla ERI - Nadina Gómez-Merino: "Reading in Students with Deafness: An Eye-movement Research." (Charla online. Idioma: inglés)

  • 9 diciembre de 2020
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Reading in Students with Deafness: An Eye-movement Research

Nadina Gómez-Merino

ERI Lectura, Universidad de Valencia


Previous studies have widely reported and described the difficulties that students with DHH demonstrate during reading. However, there are still some questions in which results do not converge (e.g., Do students with DHH ignore grammatical cues during sentence reading? Do they adapt their reading according to text demands?). So far, the vast majority of the studies has approached this issue by measuring students’ performance (accuracy) on several linguistic or reading-related tasks. Our general goal was to fill in this gap in the literature by exploring DHH students’ reading problems with a focus on the reading process and to reveal reading patterns that are typical for DHH and atypical when compared to students with typical hearing (TH). With that aim, twenty students with DHH (aged 9-15) and 20 chronologically age-matched TH students participated in a series of experimental tasks in which their grammatical comprehension abilities at the single sentence level (Study 1 and Study 2) and their reading comprehension skills at the text level (Study 3) were assessed. Both, offline accuracy measures and online (eye movements) measures were obtained in the three studies. Overall, results from Study 1 and 2 confirmed that students with DHH were sensitive to syntactic cues when comprehending sentences. Study 3 revealed that students with TH outperformed DHH in the comprehension of a narrative text but obtained similar results in the expository one. In addition, participants with DHH showed a larger saccade amplitude in the expository than in the narrative text which was interpreted as a deficit in monitoring text difficulty. Finally, Study 3 showed that students with DHH fixated longer content words than students with TH, there were no group differences for function words across texts, these results seem to support a preference for using content words to comprehend a text in students with DHH. Implications of these findings will be discussed during the talk.



Nadina Gómez-Merino es graduada en Logopedia por la Universidad de Valencia. Doctoranda en el Programa de Lectura y Comprensión de la ERI Lectura con una beca pre-doctoral "Atracció de Talent".