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Human capital

1. Human capital: labor insertion, entrepreneurship, labor flexibility and psychological contract.

In this line of research, we pay attention to the trajectory of people in the labor market, its conditions and transformations and its implications for workers, as well as the psychosocial variables that intervene in the processes of labor insertion and career development. Different segments are considered based on age (young people, older people, etc.), gender and other relevant demographic and psychosocial variables.

Specifically, we analyze the following issues: the development of human capital, employability, qualification and skills of people and their impact on their situation in the labor market; issues related to labor flexibility and worker adaptation (entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial initiative within the organization, etc.); the psychological contract that is established between the workers and the organizations; the processes of promotion and access of women to managerial and responsible positions, as well as the barriers they find in organizations to achieve it.

In short, we study the value and use of human capital in the labor market, the development of skills, employability, labor flexibility and its implications for labor insertion, gender equality issues and the implementation of measures to equality in organizations, as well as the new working conditions offered by companies, from a psychosocial perspective.