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The Delegation for Students, through the Information and Promotion Service (Sedi), grants aids for the election campaign aimed to the nominations that are presented in the electoral call for the renewal of the positions of the Senate students representatives of the Universitat de València on 21st November 2019.

The aids are intended for the following materials:

  • Photocopies 
  • Advertisements on social media

All nominations presented to the Senate and ratified by the Electoral Commission may make use of these aids.


The nominations interested in requesting these aids will have to indicate it in the same form of presentation of nominations that, for that purpose, opens the Electoral Commission through Entreu.

The options to choose from will be:

  1. Advertisements on social media, reaching between 18,000 and 53,000 reaching people
  2. Advertisements on social media, reaching between 12,000 and 36,000 reaching people, plus 1,150 B/W A4 photocopies or their equivalent in other formats (A3, colour, A2, etc.).
  3. Three thousand photocopies B/W A4 or its equivalent in other formats (A3, colour, A2, etc.).

Aids for photocopying

In the case that options 2 or 3 have been marked, the Entreu form will give the choice of the campus reprography where the photocopies are to be made. Only the person responsible for the nomination will be able to make photocopies on the selected reprography. You will have to identify yourself with your ID card and sign the delivery note, which will reflect the number of copies made.

The total number of copies (1,150 or 3,000) corresponds to the A4 B/W format, but can also be made with other formats according to the following equivalences:

  • One A3 B/W copy = 2 A4 black and white photocopies
  • One colour A4 copy = 7 black and white A4 photocopies
  • One A3 colour copy = 14 A4 black and white photocopies
  • One A2 colour copy = 125 A4 black and white photocopies

Deadline: photocopies may be made between 11th and 20th November 2019.

Aids for social media advertisements

Nominations that opt for promotion on social media will have an advertisement during the electoral campaign period that will have the following characteristics:

  • Networks for the promotion:  Instagram and Facebook
  • Segment: members of the Universitat de València between the ages of 18 and 32.
  • Reach: 18,000 - 53,000 (if option 1, “social media only") or 12,000 - 36,000 (if option 2, a combination of social media and photocopies).

Nominees must provide images with the corresponding text, which must include the name of the nomination and the hashtags or links considered appropriate.

It is recommended that the photos or videos have no text or, if they do, that they do not occupy more than 20% of the space of the image. If this recommendation is not met, the reach of the announcement will be reduced by the operation of the network itself. It is more effective to post the text and/or redirect the available information to a website or profile about the candidacy.

Deadline: November 14th will be the deadline for the submission of texts and images to the Sedi (