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Management of institutional ICT projects

S 1. Manage institutional ICT projects developing applications or services requested by the Board of Directors and academic and administrative authorities of the UV.

Resolution of ICT applications through the CAU

S 2. Address and solve the demands of ICT Support and information formulated by the university community for access to ICT resources and services provided by the SIUV through the Customer Service Center (http: // requests.

ICT counseling and training

S 3. Provide workshops and courses of applications and institutional ICT tools in order to train the staff of the Universitat de València in its use.

Advice on ICT regulations and LOPD

S 4. Provide advice and technical support to the governing bodies, management committee and coordination of information security of the University of Valencia for the preparation of internal rules and protocols for action in the framework of regulatory compliance of ICT and the LOPD.

ICT support and development for Academic Management

S 5. Provide technological support, applications and ICT services to the PDI, and students to ensure the processes of academic management and enrollment of the University of Valencia:

  • Student portal
  • Management of the Academic Calendar
  • Management of Study Plans for Undergraduate, Postgraduate and Doctorate.
  • Offer of own Degrees and Titles.
  • Offer of Undergraduate, Postgraduate and Doctorate Studies.
  • Teacher Organization Plan (POD)
  • Technical sheet of the modules
  • Teaching guide of the subjects
  • Management for the registration appointment
  • Enrollment and Automatrícula of Degree, Postgraduate and Doctorate
  • License plate and own titles
  • Management of academic processes
  • Certificates of academic studies
  • Records and minutes management
  • Management of the smart university card
  • Scholarship Management
  • Receipt management
  • Management of Mobility and International Relations
  • Management of external practices
  • Management of End-of-Studies Work
  • Thesis management and activity documents
  • Management of interuniversity Masters

ICT support and development for Research Management

S 6. Provide applications and ICT services to researchers at the University of Valencia, in order to facilitate the management of research work:

  • Research management (SABIO)
  • Research report (GREC)
  • Ascription of researchers (AdscriWeb)
  • University research funds (FIU)
  • Management of calls and research grants (MECENAS)
  • Scientific production index (CPI)
  • Management of research projects (PACTUM)

ICT support and development for Administrative Management

S 7. Provide PAS, PDI and students with ICT tools, applications and services with the aim of enabling and streamlining the administrative management processes of the University of Valencia.

  • Registry
  • Management of the dedication of human resources, to teaching, research and administration (GDI / GDH)
  • Human Resources
  • Payroll and social security
  • Social help
  • Management of the Smart University Card
  • Contract management (LICITA)
  • Legal advice
  • Electronic scrutiny
  • Management of telephone billing
  • Management of collegiate bodies
  • Management of Congresses and Activities (SYMPOSIUM)

ICT support and development for Economic Management

S 8. Provide applications, tools and ICT services requested by the Vice-Rectorship with competence in economic matters and the Management of the University of Valencia for the implementation of the processes carried out by the units responsible for economic management:

  • Analytical Accounting of autonomous organisms (CANOA)
  • Accounting service (SICUV)
  • External load applications in SICUV from satellite applications for the integration of information subsystems.
  • Management and refund of fees.
  • Revenue management and billing (GTI)
  • LICIT @ and profile of the contractor.

ICT support and development for the Management of non-regulated Training Activities

S 9. Offer ICT resources for the development of non-regulated training activities managed by:

  • Language Policy Service (SPL)
  • Service of Permanent Formation and Educational Innovation (SFPIE)
  • Physical Education and Sports Service (SEF)
  • University Extension Service (SEU)
  • Generalized File

ICT support and development for the management of infrastructures and spaces.

S 10. Provide ICT Support and development for the Management of Infrastructures and Spaces of the Universitat de València:

  • Management of maintenance infrastructures
  • Spaces
  • Reservations
  • Management of physical entry points (Garages, Doors and lathes)

ICT support and development for Electronic Administration Management

S 11. Develop and make available to the university community and society in general, access to the administration electronically in order to ensure the interoperability of administrative acts with the University of Valencia:

  • Portal of access to electronic administration (the SEDE)
  • UV transparency portal
  • Set of procedures of the Headquarters of Academic Management (eStudiant)
  • Requests for calls for research, and human resources PDI and PAS
  • Entry and processing of electronic procedures (ENTREU / TRAMITEM)
  • Notifications
  • Bulletin board
  • UV complaints, suggestions and congratulations box
  • Electronic Invoice (FACE)
  • Telematic registry of the Universitat de València (TRES)

Communication and Diffusion ICT Tools

S 12. Make ICT tools and services available so that the university community has communication and digital dissemination channels both internally and externally of the University of Valencia network. (Email, distribution lists, etc ...)

ICT tools for shared storage

S 13. Provide remote data storage spaces and ICT tools to the university community that allow the control of shared file access in a secure environment.

ICT tools of multimedia

S 14. Provide the university community with digital multimedia tools and services how to:

  • Virtual meeting rooms and videoconference (http:
  • Multimedia content platform (MMEDIA
  • Support for multimedia content editing.

Physical management of the computer network

S 15. Manage the facilities, connection points and interventions in the physical infrastructure of the network owned by the University of Valencia, in order to ensure connectivity for the use of the university community.

Logical management of the computer network

S 16. Design, maintain and make available the logical infrastructure of the data transmission network of the Universitat de València, to guarantee efficiency, continuity, optimization of resources, and information security of the users.

IP Telephony

S 17. Provide IP telephony services and devices for use in voice communications of the university community.

Management of software licenses for institutional use.

S 18. To make available to PDI, PAS and students a catalog of programs adapted to each group, so that they can develop the corresponding institutional activity (

Virtual Classroom of the Universitat de València

S 19. Provide an ICT platform ( for the development of virtual teaching, in which virtual courses and communities are configured, both to complement face-to-face teaching and work development collaborative of the university community.

Management of computer classrooms of the Universitat de València

S 20. Provide the university community with computer stations for use in computer rooms with free access (with reservation), as for teaching use (with specific software).

Supercomputing and Scientific Calculation

S 21. Make available resources of supercomputing and scientific calculation to the research staff of the Universitat de València, and the Spanish Supercomputing Network (RES), in order to facilitate their research work.

Information Security Management

S 22. Manage the security of the information held by the SIUV in its field of work, preserving its confidentiality, integrity and availability. It also provides security with necessary protection measures, infrastructure and access to information, devices, systems and ICT workstations of the university community in accordance with current legislation.

Configuration of the ICT workplace

S 23. Put into operation operational ICT jobs for the UV staff, in order to develop the institutional tasks, configuring for all this:

  • Licensed institutional use software
  • Computer equipment
  • Authorized devices for your network connection and sharing.
  • Protection measures in order to secure the information.

Supply of data on demand

S 24. Provide institutional data at the request of the organizational units of the Universitat de València, which are not accessible in corporate applications, as well as automate processes related to obtaining such data.

Preparation of strategic reports

S 25. Design reports for the bodies and heads of the University of Valencia oriented to strategic data content and provide access to statistical summaries of the data produced by the internal applications of university management (Datawarehousing).

ICT support to distributed information resources

S 26. Provide ICT support to the university community on the following information repositories:

  • Web content manager of the Universitat de València (Institutional website)
  • Scientific production of the UV (RODERIC)
  • Information resources subscribed or acquired by the Library Service of the UV.
  • Application for UVapp mobile devices.

Server hosting

S 27. Offer space and accommodation to physical and virtualized servers, requested by the organizational units of the UV, in the Data Processing Center of the IT Service to guarantee the optimal conditions of electrical, environmental, security and connectivity supply to the network (hosting)

Portal of the users

S 28. Make available to the university community a unique and customizable portal to manage your account, arrange and centrally configure links to services and institutional applications. (

Account management of the users

S 29. Manage identities and credentials of users of the Universitat de València in order to assign the use of basic services (directory, email, blog, card, web, disk, etc ...)