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Users and users of the services provided by the Service have the rights
Recognized in article 13 of Law 39/2015, of October 1, of the procedure
common administrative of the public administrations,, and in particular:

► Have spaces, infrastructures, and access to the ICT resources of the University of Valencia, in accordance with current regulations.

► Enjoy a broad schedule of care.

► Have high-quality ICT resources available, orienting them to their use prioritizing the integration, teaching, research and management of the University of Valencia.

► Receive information and advice on location and access to ICT resources.

► Receive basic information about the use of services and applications

► Be attended correctly and professionally by all the staff of the Computing Service.

► Know, at any time, the status of the processing of the applications
formulated to the SIUV.

► Submit the suggestions, complaints and congratulations that they deem pertinent in relation to the services provided by the SIUV, in which they continue to be an interested party.

► Confidentiality of personal data, according to current legislation.

► Any other right derived from current regulations.


► Respect and take care of the spaces, facilities, installations and ICT resources provided by the University of Valencia, contributing to maintaining a suitable work environment at all times, and efficient use of public resources.

► Avoid behaviors that may interfere with the activity of other users in the ICT areas of the University of Valencia

► Respect laws, and current regulations regarding administration
Electronic, administrative procedure and all those inherent in the use of
ICT resources.

► Know the provisions that regulate the services and applications offered by the Computing service, especially those that affect the use of computer rooms and the use of ICT resources in general.

► Be corrected with the staff of the Computer Service and follow your instructions at all times.

► People using ICT jobs, maintaining them in the best way
conditions the equipment and configurations made.

► Any other duty derived from the current regulations.