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  • Juan Perez Garcia
  • February 27th, 2021
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Social media accounts linked to any Universitat de València entity must go through the mandatory registration and validation procedures before they can be used, as a guarantee of respect for the rights of the Universitat de València in the use of its corporate image, the preservation of the privacy of members of the university community and network supporters, and the prevention of conflicts that may have a negative impact on the University's corporate image and reputation. The application for registration must be processed through the Virtual Office.


To guarantee all rights, it is necessary to regulate a mechanism for an effective and efficient use of the multiple social media that the UV offers on the Internet to carry out its communication and information activities. This allows the Universitat de València to coordinate and homogenize its messages through the correct use of the basic elements of identification and communication, through its corporate identity, which allows its immediate identification and that of its activities in training, dissemination, research and transfer.

These requirements are applied both in the corporate sphere (Universitat de Valéncia) and in the different institutional bodies, services and units: departments, research institutes, centres, degrees, masters, doctorates, university chairs, etc.

To register a new social media account linked to the UV, the application must be processed through the Virtual Office, where you will find in the section called 'All procedures' the option 'Registration of institutional accounts in social media for the organs, services and units of the UV'. The application must include the data of the organizers of the project, the url and, above all, the person who is responsible for its management. Once the new network is validated, it will be included in the list of Institutional accounts and responsible of the University.

This procedure requires a framework for its use, purpose, characteristics, management and creation of content in the different social networks through the institutional accounts, a reduced set of common visual identifying characteristics, and a standardized procedure for managing the responses and comments made by the community of network followers.