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Currently different types of recordings are offered depending on your needs.

MUVie recording

mUVie means “Virtual University Materials for Research and Teaching”. This is a video where appear the lecturers and the slide show or their computers’ screen. In a MUVie the video presentation is personalised through rubrics and relevant information and at the same time shows the presentation of the professors along with their audios and video, getting thus a professional video of quality. The length of a mUVie doesn’t exceeds 20 minutes, although is possible to plan a series of videos of this length.

A mUVie also allow the recording of a class in one or two mUVIe. If the class exceeds 20 minutes, blocks of videos will be established, whose content correspond to the planning.

mUVie with ppt presentantion mUVie with video MUVie with Prezi or similar mUVie with writing possibilities (graphic tablet)

MUVie recording Description Examples
mUVie with PPT A presentation or the computer’s screen is shown See example
mUVie with video A video with the lecturer is watched. See example
mUVie with Prezi A presentation with Prezi is shown See example
mUVie with Tablet Allow the lecturer to write freehand. See example
mUVie with zenit camera Physical objects can be shown See example

Recording of conferences

There is a laptop for recording and broadcasting live conferences which are organised at the UV. For requesting the conferences recording service, the conferences should be of teaching nature and they should be related to educational innovation.


Videoconferences can be done through the UV using the 2.0 UVD platform or IP videoconferences IP using the Polycom software in the rooms of the SFPIE or the SIUV.

The UVD 2.0 virtual classrooms of the UV functions as any other personal computer with minimum requirements and also outside the UV, therefore it is necessary to go to a room inside the UV for making the videconference, meeting, talk, class or event, unless is necessary for reasons of space or equipment.

The staff of the UV can request a virtual conference room and teach their class or hold their meeting from their own office, home, etc.

Recording of the class/meeting/videoconference:

The platform of the UV virtual rooms, based on Adobe Connect, allows by itself the possibility of recording the videoconference, which will be stored in the SIUV server. If you use this videoconference system and you are having the videoconference recorded, you only have to request the recording of this meeting/class to

On the contrary if you wish to make a face-to-face IP videoconference in some of the recording rooms of the SFPIE or the SIUV, the recording or capture will be done by the technician of the room or the software used for this purpose.

Information on the UV videoconferences service