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The Chair for Digital Gender Gap, signed between the Government of the Valencian Community and the UV, organises the II Conference for Digital Gender Equality on May 7th.

  • May 3rd, 2021
Conference poster

The conference will take place online at 11:00 a.m. Access is free and requires prior registration.

Universitat de València’s Principal Mavi Mestre and Counsellor of Innovation, Universities, Science and Digital Society Carolina Pascual are in charge of carrying out the official presentation and opening the conference, led by Chair Director Silvia Rueda Pascual.

The conference opens with a talk given by Secretary for Digitalisation and Artificial Intelligence Carme Artigas.

The study on the Digital Gender Gap situation in the Valencian Community made by the Chair in 2021 will then be presented. Based on the data obtained in said study, the digital gap still exists in our community and, unfortunately, it’s far from disappearing. The gap widens when talking about people, especially women, in vulnerable situations.

The goal of the work to be carried out by the chair in 2021 and later on will focus on giving a deeper objective insight on all shortcomings, the differentiated uses and, lastly, the population’s possession (or lack) of digital competences within the Valencian Community, especially in the case of women.

To start on this path, the session continues with a panel discussion that will focus on analysing the existing challenges in achieving the digitalisation of all people via the improvement of their digital competences, a starting point to better understand the situation and offer appropriate lines of action to the Government of the Valencian Community. This panel discussion moderated by Tenured Professor of the Department of Statistics and Operative Research Anabel Forte Deltell will be attended by Journalist and Director of the #Impresas project Pilar Almenar Vara, Manager of Ayuda en Acción’s Technology Innovation and Social Change Jose A. Estévez, Director of Social & Tech Mª Fernanda Jaramillo Polo, in representation of the Federación Española de Universidades Populares (FEUP) and the Escuela Feminista EFE FEUP’s team; and Director of the Chair of Geographical Digital Gap between the Universitat Jaume I and the Government of the Valencian Community.

The conference closing is carried out by General Director for the Fight against the Digital Gap María Muñoz and Vice-principal for Innovation and Transfer M. Dolores Real.

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The Chair is linked to the Digital Gap Monitoring Centre, which reports to the Government of the Valencian Community’s Department of Innovation, Universities, Science and Digital Society and is supported by the Office of the Vice-Principal for Innovation and Transfer, the Office of the Vice-Principle for Equality, Diversity and Sustainability and the Equality Unit.