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The UNESCO-UV Chair on Global Eduacation in the Mediterranean hosts the event Mediterrani. Memòria de l'oblit

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  • June 18th, 2024

The Aula Magna of the Faculty of Philosophy and Educational Sciences of the Universitat de València hosts the event Mediterrani. Memòria de l'oblit, a poetic performance based on the book of poems by Eugenia Sánchez Rodríguez.

On 22 May, 2024, a very special event titled Mediterrani. Memòria de l'oblit (The Mediterranean – memory of the forgotten), took place in the Aula Magna of the Faculty of Philosophy and Educational Sciences. The performance was inspired by the book of poems Espais en l'Aigua, veus de la mar (Spaces in Water, voices of the sea). This initiative, which combined dance and piano music, was the result of a collaboration among the IES Ramon Llull, the Superior Dance Conservatory Nacho Duato of València and the UNESCO Chair for Global Education in the Mediterranean: Studies for Peace, Interculturality and Sustainability.

The event included the participation of Dr Vicente Garrido, Full University Professor of Philosophy and Education Sciences and was made possible thanks to the Dean’s Office of the Faculty. It was a celebration of the cultural and educative richness of the Mediterranean that promoted the values of peace, interculturality and sustainability through art and educational collaboration.

Vicent Gonzálvez, co-director of the Chair, highlighted in the opening speech of the event the importance of this collaboration, mentioning that the Chair, which was founded less than a year ago, signed an agreement on 4 March with the Superior Dance Conservatory Nacho Duato of València and IES Ramon Llull. This synergy saw the first fruits of its labour with this event celebrated on 22 May, marking a major milestone in the collaboration among education, dance and poetry. This fusion also demonstrates the power of creativity and the interdisciplinary nature of cultural promotion and understanding the Mediterranean region.

The two performance sessions (1pm and 6pm) combined dance and piano music with oral interventions. The sessions were structured in four parts:

  • The performance inspired in spirit and theme by Eugenia Sánchez Rodríguez’s book of poems
  • An explanation of the creative process of the show
  • A discussion about the contents of the book of poems that inspired the performance
  • A brief reflection where the audience participated in an interactive dialogue

The project Mediterrani. Memòria de l'oblit is an inspiring example of how education and art can come together to create meaningful experiences that transform the audience, while highlighting the importance of the memory and cultural identity of the Mediterranean.

Thanks to the collaboration of the Audiovisual Workshop, the event was recorded and can be watched again and again.