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1st Session UV Chairs: 23 years together (04.11.2016)

Last Friday 4 November was held the 1st Session UV Chairs: 23 years together at the Botanical Garden, where for the first time met the 40 Institutional Chairs of the Universitat de València. This event was born with a double purpose. On the one hand, to recognise the collaboration work between enterprises and institutions with the Universitat during the 23 years of trajectory of the programme of Institutional and Enterprise Chairs. On the other hand, to make people aware of the new institutional strategy of the University Chairs programme under the motto “Collaborating, we grow up together”. Its purpose is to contribute to approach the Universitat to the demands and needs of the Valencian enterprises and institutions.

The event started with the intervention of the Principal Esteban Morcillo; the general director of Universities, Research and Science, Josefina Bueno; and the vice-principal for Internationalisation and Cooperation, Guillermo Palao. In addition, Ismael Pantaleón gave a talk on ‘Creation of high performance creative teams between universities-enterprises’.

A round table took place then, and it was moderated by the vice-principal Guillermo Palao. The first dialogue dealt with ‘good practices and creation of groups to innovate through university Chairs’; the second dealt with ‘present and future of the partnerships university-company through university Chairs’. In both dialogues participated Andrés Moyá, Director of the FISABIO Chair; Vicente Ruiz, President of RNB and Academic Director of the Business Culture Chair (ADEIT); Inmaculada Aguilar, Director of the Demetrio Ribes Chair; Rosa Laparra, General Manager of the Divina Pastora Foundation; Xavier Puig, Medical Director of Alcon Cusí Laboratories; Zulima Pérez Seguí, Regional Secretary of the Valencian Department of Transparency, Social Responsibility, Participation and Cooperation; Josep Vicent Boira Maiques, Regional Secretary of Housing, Public Works and Structuring of the Territory; Francisco Javier Palao, Director of the Chair of Local Law Chair; Francisco Alonso, Director of the SISTEM Chair; José ; Manuel Almerich, Director of the ERESA-UV Chair; Diego Lorente, General Secretary of the AVE (Valencian Association of Entrepreneurs); Pedro Alfonso Fil, Director of the  Universidades de España of the Santander Bank.

Furthermore, it was carried out an act of recognition in which Chair’s directors and Companies were thanked and gifted with a little recognition present. The end of the 1st Session UV Chairs -23 years together- concluded with a wine, and meanwhile, they still continued sharing knowledge and aspects of the UV Chairs.

From the Office of the vice-principal for Internationalization and Cooperation  and the Policies for Excellence Office (OPEX) we thank the participation of all the Chairs in this 1st Session.

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