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  • November 24th, 2021
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This project by Adolf Murillo Ribes has been selected in the call Artistic Resistances - Artistic processes in educational environments 2021 of the Consortium of Museums.

The proposal starts with a work based on the development of listening to generate a first approach in the form of an affective cartography playing with the sound of the environments surrounding our school and neighbourhood. Through research and documentation by the students, involving families and neighbours, we will make a historical sound reconstruction of the environment to discover where we come from and that will lead us to other sound creation activities where we will propose the creation of imaginary soundscapes that we will share, in different audiovisual and performative formats.

However, even though this inspiring environment is used as a frame of reference and experimentation, it needs tools in order to be able to realise our artistic proposals. In spite of the fact that the use of technology and the digital laboratory concept will be very present, we are also interested in humanising the creative processes where we make use of technology to promote more natural relationships between people, the environment and technology and, in the end, generate more balanced ecosystems where creativity thought out collectively is the key to the transformation that we propose. Translated with (free version)

Activists of sound, converts the space in which the experiences take place, through artistic action, into a laboratory that expands beyond the classroom and invites experimentation and testing. Even so, it starts from the consolidation of a positive dynamic in group functioning to generate, through critical reflection and collective decision-making and artistic action, an affective cartography with the sound of the environment (*Sonosphere) that surrounds our school and neighbourhood.

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