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Women's Legacy: Our Cultural Heritage for Equity' is a European project organized by the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports of the Generalitat Valenciana and directed by the researcher Ana López-Navajas, whose objective is to contribute decisively to the inclusion of women protagonists of history and culture and their legacy in the contents educational. Based on cross-border regional cooperation and funded by the program Erasmus+, under the KA201 modality of strategic partnerships for development and innovation, aims to respond to a common European need to correct the androcentric vision of the culture transmitted in education, through the recognition of the contributions culture of women and their inclusion in the place that corresponds to them in the materials educational. In this way, its social value and its role as the protagonist of culture and society are restored. history. With the accessible and free publication of the intellectual products produced in The framework of the project will facilitate the transmission in the classroom of a complete and truly universal culture, which recovers the European cultural heritage and helps the eradication of gender inequalities from the base.



Over a period of three years, more than 100 people will collaborate in the production of
five intellectual products of the Women’s Legacy project:
- An open and free digital resource bank with female references, their works and
activities, classified by subjects and levels, adapted to the content defined in the
legislation and ready to be used in the classroom.
- Three free digital catalogs with works of female authorship on art, music
and literature.
- A teacher training on the women we lack in STEM (Science,
Technology, Engineering and Mathematics).
All these products may be transferred, in the future, to other languages and systems
educational, may be used in the field of public cultural policies and will serve
as a basis for new formations.


Principal investigators:
  • Jardon Giner, Paula
  • PDI-Contractat/Da Doctor/A
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Non-UV principal researchers

Ana López-Navajas

Start date
2020 September
End date
2023 August
Funding agencies:

Programme Erasmus +. European Union


The project has participating partners from four European countries (Spain, Scotland,
Lithuania and Italy) with experience in complementary areas of the education system:
University of Valencia (Spain), Melchor Botella Training Union School (Spain),
Teachers Association The Legacy of Women (Spain), Glasgow City Council
Education Services (Scotland), Vilniaus Universitetas (Lithuania), Innovazione e Apprendimento
Lavoro Nazionale (Italy), IS Luigi Einaudi (Italy) and IES Benicalap (Spain).
The participating entities will act at all levels: university education, training
of teachers (active) and direct intervention in secondary classrooms. Besides
nine formal partners, the project has a large number of associate members from
different areas: public administrations, educational centers, educational associations,
editorials etc

"Women´s Legacy"
Multiplier Event May 6, 2022
Closing concert Womens Legacy
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