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The Language Policy Service gives support to teaching and research in Catalan with the following services:

  • Correction in Catalan of materials and texts addressed to teaching in classrooms and scientific disclosure.
  • Translation to Catalan of materials addressed to classroom teaching.
  • Language consultancy in Catalan, with resolution of doubts and issues about speciality languages.


To be teaching and researcher staff of the University of Valencia.

  • Doctoral studies as well as materials and publications of personal use are excluded.

Original documents presentation

If a correction is needed, please revise previously the original documents and activate the spellchecker. Keep in mind that correction assignments can be declined if the texts do not present a standard that is at least acceptable.

If documents are originally written in another language and then translated to Catalan by an automatic translation programme, the authors must revise it properly before sending them. When materials do not meet this requirement, they will be delivered back to the author so they can make proper adjustments. In this case, send always the original version, if possible.

To elaborate texts or before any enquiry, we recommend to use the following resources:

Delivery of translations and corrections

Deadlines try to adjust to use necessities whenever the minimum margin of 3 working days is respected. These deadlines may change depending on the specificity of the used terminology, the linguistic quality of the original text or the workload of the Service.

Apart from translated or corrected texts, doubts and corrections can be also delivered, if the corrector thinks that the author might keep something in mind.

The version of the teaching materials that is corrected or translated by the Service will be offered to the students through the virtual classroom of the subject.

Application form

Send your request to assessorament.linguistic @ In the body text you must write:

  • Full name of the professor
  • Name of the department
  • Name of the subject
  • Degree including the subject
  • Date in which you expect to use every attached lesson or file

The sent material must consist of files that may be edited by Microsoft Office or any other compatible software.

Remember that if you wrote the text in Catalan and you ask for a correction, you can opt for an award to the quality of the elaboration of teaching materials in Catalan and English.