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Open access databases, databases for historical collections, or for collections related to our Library
Name Description
Base de datos de militares republicanos con graduación  
Cartells de la Guerra Civil Espanyola It is a reference database that aims to be a collective catalog of posters of the Spanish Civil War and also a tool to facilitate the work of researchers.
Consortium of European Research Libraries CERL's primary objective is to record the European printed heritage, recording all the books printed in Europe up to 1830 in a database. It has an excellent free-access "Thesaurus", as well as useful and interesting information about provenance and ex-libris.

Cybertesis. Tesis electrónicas en línea

This portal, developed by the University of Chile (Sistema de Servicios de Información y Bibliotecas, SISIB), aims to provide a user-friendly tool for accessing online full-text theses published in different universities worldwide. It uses the Open Archives Initiative (OAI) protocol, which allows the interoperability between different university servers and the standardisation of the format of metadata exchange. This standardisation allows applications that are compatible with the OAI protocol to collect and disseminate the different medatada by using a method called "metadata harvesting". You can currently access more than 27,000 full-text theses.
Enluminures Database for Illuminated Manuscript at public libraries in France.
Enrich Project (European Networking Resources and Information Concerning Cultural Heritage)

ENRICH is a project funded under the eContent+ programme.  Its main objective is to provide access to information about old and rare manuscripts and books printed in Europe on the Manuscriptorium platform and to provide resources to specialists and scholars.

Gale Cengage Learning


The Directory of Special Libraries and Information Centers (DSL) provides contact details and descriptive information for over 35,000 special collections held by government agencies, libraries, educational institutions, etc. worldwide. 

Google Scholar 

Google Scholar allows you to search scholarly literature, including theses, books, preprints, abstracts, technical reports, etc. in all research fields. You can find articles from a wide variety of academic publishers, professional associations, preprint deposits and universities, as well as online articles written by students. It also extracts and analyses citations and shows them as separate results automatically, even if the documents in which they appear are not online. That means that the search results may include citations of older books and articles that appear only in books or other publications that are not available on the Internet. 
IBERLEX-BOE Portal that collects all the legislation offered by the BOE (Official Gazette of the Government of Spain). It collects basic regulations: Spanish Constitution, Statutes of Autonomy, national laws and complementary legislation, legislation of the Autonomous Communities, European Union treaties, as well as access to European law. "La Gazeta", historical database, retrieves documents published from 1875 to 1967. 
Imprenta en Valencia en el S. XVI. Parnaseo Database for printing in Valencia in the 16th century, managed by "Parnaseo".
MCEM. Base de dades de Manuscrits Catalans de l'Edat Moderna

MCEM created with the aim of providing the researcher an online catalog of manuscripts produced in any language Catalan-speaking countries of the “Corona de Aragón” during the Modern Age. It includes materials from various fields of the history of Catalan culture: science, law, education, spirituality, philosophy, historiography, literature, preaching, theology, etc. Excludes documents that are the result of a specific legislative or administrative activity, liturgical and musical manuscripts. The result is a comprehensive overview of production written in Catalonia.


Bibliographic database for old texts produced in the Iberian Peninsula. It has four different bibliographies: 

BETA / Bibliografia Espanyola de Textos Antics (medieval texts written in Spanish)

BITAGAP / Bibliografia de Textos Antics gallecs i portuguesos (medieval texts written in Galician or Portuguese)

BITECA / Bibliografia de Textos Catalans Antics (bibliography of old Catalonian, Valencian and Balearic texts)

BIPA / Bibliografía de la Poesía Áurea (poetry written during the Spanish Golden Age)


Parnaseo. Programas de Teatro (Valencia)

This database includes the collection of Valencian Theatre Posters from the 19th century held at the University of Valencia's Library. This collection is made up of about 3,600 handwritten playbills from the Valencian theatres "Principal" and "Princesa", between 1839 and 1876. 
You can search by authors and actors, companies, titles of works, translators, types of play, etc. You can also search by index in each field. The digitised images of the playbills are available online.

Printers' Devices Database Printers' Devices of the Ancient Book Section of the Library of the University of Barcelona, directly tied to the cataloguing process of ancient books, approaching the printers in parallel to the elaboration of the bibliographic records. Each entry of the database includes information of the printers' activity, the years and places in which they worked and other remarkable biographical facts, for example the associations. The records also contains information about the marks they used. The database is updated in a weekly basis.
Repertori Bibliogràfic d'Artistes Valencians Contemporanis Seleccionat i Comentat

The chronological coverage of this Repertori bibliogràfic d'artistes valencians, is located between 1950 and 2000.

SCIÈNCIA.CAT SCIÈNCIA.CAT makes available to the international academic community and to the general educated public part of the Catalonian heritage that is still little known and studied: the one constituted by the scientific or technical works that were written in Catalan -both original works and translations- during the last centuries of the Middle Ages and the Early Renaissance (13th-16th centuries).

Tesis doctorales en Red

The Servidor de Tesis Doctorales en Red (TDR, Online Doctoral Theses Server) contains the digital versions of the doctoral theses defended in universities in Catalonia and other autonomous communities. It allows users to access full text theses remotely, and to search by author, title, subject, university, etc. You can access the theses freely, the system does not require any password. The universities which are part of this agreement are: University of Barcelona, Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya, Pompeu Fabra University, University of Girona, University of Lleida, Universitat Rovira i Virgili, Open University of Catalonia, as well as the Fundació Catalana per a la Recerca (Catalan Foundation for Research), CESCA and CBUC. More universities joined the agreement later: Jaume I University (July 2002), University of the Balearic Islands (December 2002), University of Valencia (April 2003), Ramon Llull University (October 2004), University of Cantabria (March 2005) and University of Murcia (July 2005).