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The training service allows members of the university community and the people interested: 
  • to have full knowledge of the services and resources of the libraries. 
  • to acquire the informational competences needed in the new curriculum of the EHEA 
    • to search information 
    • to analyse and to evaluate information 
    • to organise the information gathered 
    • to use and to communicate efficiently, ethically and legally the information. 
Activities that are carried out at different levels for covering different needs
  • Training in informational skills (face-to-face and online): aims to teach students competences for recognising when they need to search, to manage, to evaluate and to communicate information properly.
    • Basic
    • Intermediate
    • Advanced
  • Custom made courses: PDI, students and PAS can request training sessions related to a specific topic or specific resource, which are not offered in the sessions scheduled by the library.
  • Courses scheduled by the library:   scheduled sessions based on thematic areas: catalogue, information search, sources focused on an area of knowledge or on a particular resource, RefWorks, etc.
  • Self-training: learn to use the library resources and informational skills with presentations, videos, tutorials recorded courses…
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