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New interactive training tool for current teachers

  • November 16th, 2020
Nueva herramienta de formación interactiva para la docencia distinguida como buena práctica por la EU

Awarded “example of good practice” distinction by the EU

Professors and researchers from the research group of the Department of Marketing and Market Research of the University of Valencia, Enrique Bigné, Carla Ruiz, Luisa Andreu and Alberto Badenes have in the last years participated in the "Future-Proof Your Classroom: Teaching 2030" project. The project is a collaboration between nine European universities (coordinated by the University of Applied Sciences Burgenland, Austria). The objective of this Erasmus + KA2 project is: to prepare current teachers to face the teaching challenges they will face in the next decade by providing technical skills to manage the Virtual Classroom, videoconferencing software and class-based social networks; to provide the communication skills that will be needed in these new environments; and to provide a deeper understanding of the new generation of students, their values ​​and concerns.

As a result of the project a free open access online course has been designed; this consists of an interactive book (cBook) with theoretical content, tools and activities for the effective application of the blended learning methodology, and a manual (iLab) that covers the most important concepts and offers additional practical activities. The course is in English, and is already available in free access.

The project has been awarded an  “example of good practice” distinction by the EU.

Information about the project can be accessed at:

The materials can be accessed at:

It is to be hoped that these materials will be of great use.