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Professors and research groups from the Faculty of Chemistry and Research Institutes that offer places for the subjects "Research Stay" and "Final work of the master" in the academic year 2019-20


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Jerónimo Agrisuelas Vallés

Juan José García Jareño

Francisco Vicente Pedrós

Laboratorio de electroquímica: Materiales y procesos electródicos (Dept. Química Física)

1. Formation of passive layers

2. Corrosion

3. Espectroelectrochemistry

4. Videoelectrochemistry

Group's web site

Sergio Armenta

Soluciones e innovaciones en Química Analítica (Dept. Química Analítica)

Tests of abused drugs in seized samples and biological fluids

Group's web site

Rafael Ballesteros-Garrido

R. Ballesteros-Garrido

(Dept. Química Orgánica)

Nanostructured macroscopic materials as an interface in Bio Circuits

Group's web site

Samia Benmansour
Carlos J. Gómez García

Materiales Moleculares Multifuncionales Modulables (M4) (ICMol)

1. Synthesis and characterization of magnetic MOFs with anilate-type ligands

2. Synthesis and characterization of lanthanoid complexes with Schiff bases

*Training contract offered

Henk Bolink

Molecular Optoelectronic Devices (MOED) (ICMol)

Development of thin layered LEDs and Solar Cells using molecular semiconductors and perovskites

*Training contract offered

Group's web site

Jesús Vicente de Julián Ortiz 

Diseño de fármacos y conectividad molecular (Dept. Química Física)

Theoretical study of the stability of complexes of platinum (II) with polyaza cyclophane receptors

Group's web site

Emili Escrivà Montó

Carmen Ramírez de Arellano Sánchez

Ingeniería Cristalina Orgánica (Dept. Química Orgànica / Dept. Química Inorgànica)

Crystal engineering of Metal-Organic Materials (MOMs) and Metal-Organic-Frameworks (MOFs) based on N-heterocyclic ligads and 3d and/or 4f metals

Enrique García-España Monsonís

Jorge González García

Grupo de Química Supramolecular (ICMol)

1.- Supramolecular Chemistry: Design of polyamines and polyaminine complexes with biological activity

2- Targeting mistmatch DNA using metal complexes

3.- Tools to visualize G-quadruplex DNA in vitro & in cells

Group's web site

Raquel Galián Baca

Julia Pérez Prieto

Grupo de Reactividad Fotoquímica (ICMol)

Preparation of luminiscent coloidal materials and their application as sensors and/or photocatalysts

Group's web site

Pablo Gaviña Materiales orgánicos para detección y liberación controlada (MODeLiC) (Dept. Química Orgánica) Nanomaterials for their application as sensors or for controlled drug delivery

Group's web site

David Giménez Romero

Ángel Maquieira Catalá (UPV)

SIGMO, Signal and Modelling

(Dept. Química Física)

Development of biorecognition systems for their application in omics

Clara M Gómez

Grupo de Materiales Poliméricos, (ICMUV, Dept. Quimica Fisica)

Synthesis and characterization of polyurethanes without diisocyanate from byciclocarbonate

Group's web site

María González Béjar
Julia Pérez Prieto

Grupo de Reactividad Fotoquímica (ICMol)

Dynamics and reactivity of biomolecules

Carlos Martí Gastaldo

Sergio Tatay

Functional Inorganic Materials (FuniMat) (ICMol)

1.- Porous chiral materials for the elimination of micropollutants in water

2.- Porous and conducting systems for the generation of rewewable fuels

*Training contract offered

Group's web site

Mercedes Medio Simón

Sintesis de Compuestos Organofluorados (FusFlu) (Dept. Química Orgánica, Facultad de Farmacia)

Asymmetric synthesis of aminofluorinated compounds

Group's web site

Rafael Muñoz Espí

Grupo de Materiales Poliméricos (ICMUV)

Colloidal methods for the preparation of hybrid nanoparticles with applications in catalysis and thermal energy storage

Group's web site
Enrique Ortí Grupo de Química Teórica de Materiales Moleculares (ICMol)

Characterization and theoretical design of molecular materials for photovoltaic and electroluminiscent devices

Group's web site

Emilio Pardo

Química de Coordinación (ICMol)

Design of porous coordination polymers and their use as chemical reactors

Group's web site

José Antonio Real Cabezos

Switchable Molecular Materials (SMOLMAT) (ICMol)

Synthesis and characterization of porous coordination polymers (MOFs) with thermo-, piezo- and photo-inducible electronic properties

Group's web site

Antonio Ribera Hermano

Materials Moleculars Multifuncionals Modulables
(M4) (ICMol)

Preparation of laminar double hydroxides (LDHs) for applications as photo-catalysts and as precursors for materials with high capacitancies

José Vicente Ros Lis

REDOLi (Dept. Química Inorgánica)

Nanomaterials for the modulation of the digestive activity

Group's web site

Iñaki Tuñón

Efectos de medio (Dept. Química Física)

Synthesis and characterization of photoactive nanomaterials

Group's web site


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