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Cancellation of graduation ceremonies

  • September 2nd, 2020
Cancellation of graduation ceremonies

We regret to inform you that caution advises us to suspend the graduation ceremonies scheduled for September 10 (grades) and September 25 (masters).

As we already warned before the vacations, we were confident that the health circumstances would allow these celebrations, but you only have to look at the figures for those infected by the virus to see that sadly this has not been the case. The unfavourable evolution of the epidemic and the new stricter prevention measures against covid-19 have forced us to take this painful decision.

We have been considering numerous alternatives, but none of them would allow us to develop an event with the content and emotion that deserves the occasion if we want to ensure the minimum health conditions. A graduation is above all a festive event, in which we want to express our joy at having overcome an important stage in our lives and celebrate that we are ready to conquer the world. It is not possible to combine this with the safety protocols required in the current situation.

However, no one will be left without graduation. The Faculty of Economics is committed to incorporating the 2019-20 graduates in the first graduation ceremony that can be held or as soon as possible. We cannot give dates, but a milestone as important as the completion of your university education will not go uncelebrated.

An email will be sent shortly to all those registered to arrange for a refund.