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Mireia Ferrer and Javier Navarro, curators of the exhibition “València, capital city of the Republic”

Cartel de la exposición

Mireia Ferrer and Javier Navarro, professors of the official Master's Degree in Cultural Heritage: Identification, Analysis and Management of the Universitat de València are two of the curators of the exhibition “Everything is to be done. València, capital city of the Republic”.

18 november 2016

The exhibition, which is focused on the Valencian citizen of 1936, has been displayed in the La Nau Cultural Centre of the Universitat de València since 7 November. Through an expositive itinerary compound by more than 400 items, the exhibition reconstructs the moment when Valencia was a national and international protagonist due to its condition of capital city of the democratic government during the Spanish 2nd Republic.

The curators explained in the presentation press conference that this exhibition entrails a new look at the Spanish 2nd Republic as a historical period, since it does not focus only on political and cultural fields, which are certainly the most treated aspects until now. The exhibition pays special attention to the city in essence, to its environment and its inhabitants, who lived this moment as “a challenge”. In conclusion, the display aims to recover this part of the history, and to bring it closer to the younger audience, those who didn’t have a direct bond with that period of time.

The exhibition pays special attention to the city in essence, to its environment and its inhabitants, who lived this moment as “a challenge”

Mireia Ferrer works at the Department of Art History of the University of Valencia Nowadays she is part of the teaching and research staff (PDI) of the university as an Associate Doctor. Graduated in the Faculty of Geography and History, and specialised in Contemporary History and Art History, she did Doctoral Studies in the same subject in 2007. Since the academic year 2000-2001 until now has been teaching in the Department of Art History, at the Faculty of Geography and History of the UV. Among other activities, stands out her work as a professor of the Master’s Degree in Cultural Heritage: Identification, Analysis and Management. During her professional career she has been curator of several exhibitions related to Valencian historical heritage, for instance the displays called ““Del oficio a la fábrica. Una familia industrial valenciana en el cambio de siglo. La maquinista valenciana” (“From the trade to the fabric. A Valencian industrial family during the turn of the century. The Valencian engine driver”) which has been held at the Principal Peset Hall of Residence since 2000, or “Patrimoni de Xàtiva” (“Heritage of Xàtiva”), displayed at the great theatre of Xàtiva since 2006.

For his part, Javier Navarro belongs to the Department of Contemporary History of the UV. He has been a Professor of the Official Master’s Degree in Cultural Heritage since its first edition. As regards oral heritage, he has got a wide research and teaching experience. In fact, he stands out for the use of oral sources for historical research, as well as a methodological approach to those oral sources. He teaches the academic field related to the topic (Archivos de la palabra -”Word’s files”). Among its lines of research, stand out those related to Contemporary History, Spain during the 20th century and history with oral sources and heritage. In addition, Navarro is author of more than a hundred research studies (monographs, chapters, papers in journals, speeches, talks in conferences, etc.)

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