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-To train professionals with specialised scientific knowledge who are able to understand, interpret and analyse the addictive behaviour in drug addiction as well as to develop evaluation and intervention skills.

-To know the different specific mechanism actions of the different drugs studied and related them to neurobiological, genetic and social theories.

- To know and to apply the different pharmacological and/or physiological treatments and to know which social reintegration measures should patients take. Thus students should also know the private and public assistance resources offered for these cases.

- To distinguish between personality disorders and addictive disorders and to understand the differences and similarities in dual pathology.

- To be able to identify in which moment the existence of a toxicological emergencymay be considered and to know the mechanisms of this situation in drug addictions.

- To be able to propose promotion measures for health and integral prevention of addictive disorders, always considering the experimental and scientific approaches on the origin of this disease.

To be able to design experiments, both in the preclinical and clinical phases and to use the appropriate techniques and procedures.

- To be able to develop the search and  management of information through different specialised document sources.

Knowing how to communicate the conclusions, knowledge and reasons that support them to specialized and non-specialized publics in a clear and ambiguity-free way.

- To know the different specific problems of the psychological, pharmacological and social field,  as well as the resources needed for its evaluation.

- To be able to describe clearly the goals proposed and achieved in the work. Knowing how to relate the studies taken with professional activities.