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Seminar: ‘Tools for the employability of persons with disabilities’

  • February 15th, 2023
Estela Ruíz

On Thursday 9th March, Estela Ruíz will give a seminar from 16 to 19 hours on the required tools for the employability of persons with disabilities, in the room 2A3 of the Socials Sciences building.

As a professional that works in the employability of persons with disabilities, Estela Ruíz, in contact with the human resources departments, has been able to observe, during almost 20 years of experience in this field, several things such as:

  1. Ignorance in the diversity management when it comes to the incorporation of a person with disability in the company.
  2. Lack of training in the human resources departments, regarding what is legally considered being a person with disability.
  3. Incorrect application of the “standard selection” requirements for the incorporation of persons with disabilities.
  4. Ignorance of the existence of a law that compels to incorporate, at least, a 2% of persons with disabilities in companies of more than 50 workers. Or, failing this, the application of alternative measures.
  5. Ignorance of recruiting sources of persons with disabilities or social exclusion.
  6. Grants that a company receive for hiring persons with disabilities.
  7. Employment opportunities of the Master’s Degree in Human Resources in positions such as “Support function technician” and “Labour integration technician”.

The seminar aims to give the tools for answering the previous questions, with a practical and useful methodology of what can be found in the work environment as human resources professionals.

Estela Ruiz Fernández is graduated in Psychology, by the UV. She did the Master’s Degree in Human Resources Management. UV, she is graduated in CAP (Course on Pedagogical Aptitude) by the UV. Professional expert in Agents of social and labour insertion II by the UNED. She has done several training courses related with Employment Guidance, Human Resources, Coaching and Mentoring, social responsibility, etc.

She has worked as Employment guiding since the year 99 to these days for entities such as the City Council of Valencia, CCOO of the PV.

Since the year 2000 to the present day, she works as a Labour integration technician, specialised in persons with disabilities in COCEMFE Valencia (The Spanish Confederation of People with Physical and Organic Disabilities).

She has organised several programs of integration onto the workplace such as the INTEGREM, Employment Comprehensive Plans, the Service of labour Integration.

Currently, she is in charge of the INCORPORA program of labour integration of persons with disabilities and is the coordinator of the CERMI employment Committee.

She gave a conference in the Congrés Nacional sobre Emprenedoria, Ocupació i Discapacitat. UV. 2015 with the presentation ‘Disability? Say ability. The integration onto the workplace of persons with disabilities’.

She has participated such as collaborator, teaching in the PRL UPV Master’s Degree (2017-2018) and in the Master’s Degree in Human Resources Managements UV (2019).