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Reasons to study International Marketing in the UV

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The UV offers to students of Master's Degree in International Business Management (iMBA) the possibility to specialise in International Marketing, with the aim to provide their graduates with a training in which global aspects will be essential in the decision making in the business world

17 november 2016

The internationalisation and evolution of markets cause that companies focus on marketing from a global perspective. Thus, they give value to consumers in order to satisfy all their needs, and they get market advantage compared with other companies. That is why the UV permits students to specialise in International Marketing.

The Master's Degree in International Business Management is a postgraduate programme organised by the seven universities that form the International Business School Alliance (IBSA). It is divided in two academic semesters, and each of it must be studied in a different university. The first semester contents will be the same in all the universities, and in the second, the student will carry out the specialisation that the chosen university offers.

The UV is part of the IBSA, and it has developed a complete programme of marketing management based in four key modules.

Campus TarongersThis four modules are: International marketing communication, International distribution and logistics, International marketing research, and Service marketing and management.

Master’s lessons take place in the Faculty of Economics, in Tarongers Campus and it is directed by Enrique Bigne, Full university professor of Marketing and Market Research.

The Master’s Degree ends with a Master's final project, supervised by a specialised group of expert professors in International Marketing. The teaching staff belongs to the Department of Marketing and Market Research, one of the most outstanding departments of Spain and with most international relevance.


Why should you specialise in International Marketing at the UV?

  • Because it will help you expand your knowledge of significant strategic marketing techniques. That is a crucial aspect that will give you a great advantage to develop your career.
  • Because you will be able to develop and launch a comprehensive campaign marketing communication. Through an analytical approach, you will apply the principles of marketing communication to solve problems in the “real world”. You will examine advertisement and sales promotion, always from an international point of view.
  • Because you will be able to identify key organisations competing in the global market. You will also be able to analyse their strategies and, from that point on, to develop an efficient distribution channel for unique products.
  • Because you will attend seminars and conferences, you will visit the most relevant companies in the area and you will carry out team projects, principally with the Communication Campaign of Integrated Marketing (IMC).
  • Because mobility and adaptation to constant changes will be essential for your future job. For that reason, the IMBA promotes mobility between several universities, so as to learn how to deal and work with students of different cultures.
  • Because it is a unique occasion for learning in Valencia, where apart from formalise your studies, there is a wide variety of leisure, cultural and sports activities.