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Additionally, the Academic Committee of the Doctoral Studies Programme will demand the student
all documentation related to the CV with the aim of
establishing the appropriate assessment of their merits according to the following criteria
- CV: 90% according to the following scale:
-Personal Academic record of a university title: Llicenciatura (former Spanish undergraduate degree)/ Diplomatura (former Spanish undergraduate degree)/
Undergraduate Degree: 30%;
-Personal academic report of Official Master’s degree: 30%
-Grants with official homologation: 10%
-Accredited languages: 10 %: System of Common European Framework of Reference (MCER)
Other merits: 10 % (professional experience, articles, congresses....)
- Personal Interview 10%
-In case the Academic Committee requires so (basically in case
-the demand exceeds the offer), a personal interview can be done with the
applicant with the aim of providing more information on their previous training or, even,
to define the possible complementary training necessities to be added to their
activity document.
Once the assessment of the applicants is done by the Academic Committee a reasoned
report will be written arguing the affinity and establishing the accepted and non-accepted
students for the programme.