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The University launches a new employability programme for students in their final years of bachelor's and master's degree courses.

  • UV General Foundation
  • April 20th, 2023
Students of the Faculty of Pharmacy
Students of the Faculty of Pharmacy

The University of Valencia, with the support of the Valencian Service of Occupation and Formation LABORA, presents 'RUTA 5.0', a new experimental programme, aimed at students in the final years of their bachelor's and master's degrees at the UV, registered in the Valencian Community, to promote the employability of university talent through training actions, experiential workshops, career guidance sessions, mentoring programmes and networking with Valencian companies.

RUTA 5.0' is part of the line of work of the Vice-Chancellor's Office for Lifelong Learning, Teaching Transformation and Employment to promote university employability, through UVocupation and the UV General Foundation.

This new experimental programme will make it possible to personalise the integration itineraries by providing users with a wide variety of actions through five phases that are subject to continuous review in order to built and adjust the contents to the results obtained by each participant.

'ROUTE 5.0 will also serve to disseminate the added value of the professional profiles of qualified people, such as bachelor's and master's degree students at the University of Valencia; to develop the skills and the competences necessary to face the future employment of the participants; to train them in selection processes based on new technologies; and to expand the network of contacts of the students to promote their employability; to train them in selection processes based on new technologies; and to expand the student's network of contacts to promote their employability through mentoring and networking techniques.

The programme starts this April and will last until October 2023. During these months, the personalised route will be defined for each participant, who will find the course registration open at portal of UVocupation within the section 'Programme for the Improvement of Employability RUTA 5.0'.