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The University trains Moroccan students and teachers in dissemination on resistance to antimicrobials and superbacteria

  • Scientific Culture and Innovation Unit
  • February 16th, 2024
Students at the Euro-Mediterranean University of Fez (Morocco), with SergiMaicas and Professor Ismail Moukadiri.
Students at the Euro-Mediterranean University of Fez (Morocco), with SergiMaicas and Professor Ismail Moukadiri.

The Micromón-Universitat de València Project (Micromón-UV) collaborates in the development of an international scientific dissemination project on antimicrobial resistance and the fight against superbacteria at the Euro-Mediterranean University of Fez, Morocco (UEMF). SergiMaicas, project coordinator at the University of Valencia, has participated in the training for students and teachers, in which the UV professor BelénFouz has also participated online.

Micromundo, Small WorldInitiative and TinyEarth are a group of international projects that are developed in dozens of countries on four continents to bring scientific culture and biomedical research closer to different educational levels and promote the research vocation. The action developed in the UEMF has made it possible to begin the implementation of the projects in the North African countries.

During the first half of February, UV faculty have participated in the training of new instructors at the UEMF by giving online talks and have developed practical sessions in the institution’s laboratories. Subsequently, practical courses were given to more than 100 university students assigned to the Faculty of Pharmacy and the School of Engineering and Biomedicine.

Five practical sessions have been carried out interspersed with theoretical training in which the students have learned notions about the problem of bacterial resistance to antibiotics and its socioeconomic impact, and have assimilated various experimental methodologies.

Participating in the closing ceremony were Ismail Moukadiri (coordinator of the activity in Morocco and director of the UEMF doctoral school), Sergi Maicas (coordinator of the project at the University of Valencia together with Belén Fouz), as well as various authorities from the UEMF, including Salim Bounou (Vice President, coordinator of research, innovation and cooperation), Chakib Nejjari (Vice President, coordinator of the health area) and Samir Ahid (dean of the Faculty of Pharmacy).

SergiMaicas’ stay has made it possible to begin negotiations to establish bilateral agreements between the master’s programs of the UEMF and the Master in Research in Molecular, Cellular and Genetics Biology of the UV.


International consortia

The Micromonde-U3M project (Euro-Mediterranean University of Fez) has been implemented for the first time in Morocco emulating international projects (Small WorldInitiative, TinyEarth) and Spanish-Portuguese (MicroMundo). The project is financed with UEMF’s own funds. Professor SergiMaicas has participated through a grant to the cooperation RI_IP_3186424 of the University of Valencia. The Micromundo project in Spain is endorsed by the Spanish Society of Microbiology and the National Antibiotic Resistance Plan and its dissemination is carried out by the Scientific Culture and Innovation Unit – Chair of Science Dissemination of the University of Valencia.