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Academic record: Up to 70 points.

  • Report of Undergraduate degrees or licenciatura (former Spanish undergraduate degree)
  • Degree or Licenciatura special award 5 points
  • Official Master’s degree that has driven to the doctoral programme: up to 20 points
  • Official Master’s degree that has not driven to the doctoral programme: up to 10 points
  • Non official University Master’s degree: up to 5 points.

Publications: Up to 15 points .

  • Magazines included within the Science Citation Index from 4 to 10 points per article (First quartile 10 points; second quartile, 8 points; Third quartile, 6 points; Fourth quartile, 4 points)
  • Other magazines with original articles, from 2 to 4 points per article
  • Congresses: International: Oral communcations: 0.5 points each; poster: 0.25 each. -National: oral communications: 0.2 points each; poster: 0.1 points each

Other merits: Up to 15 points

  • Collaboration Grant by the Ministry of Education 5 points
  • Accredited languages (C2 level, 2 points, with weighing for the rest of the levels):
    up to 4 points
  • Other undergraduate degrees, licenciatura (former Spanish undergraduate degree) or diplomatura: up to 5 points
  • Training Courses taken: up to 2 points.
  • Awards: up to 1 point.

For each part’s assessment a Correction Factor between 0.2 and 1 depending on their affinity to the doctoral programme’s areas of knowledge.