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5 keys to choose us

  • June 27th, 2017
Pharmacy building at the University of Valencia

Apart from the quality of the contents, the excellence of the teaching staff and the possible career opportunities, the Master’s Degree in Research and Rational Use of Medicaments offers you a posgraduate training unique in the whole national territory. Discover the five keys of our Master’s Degree.

Discover the 5 keys that make this Master’s Degree in Research and Rational Use of Medicaments a unique option in the whole Spanish territory.

- This is the only Master’s Degree in all the university Spanish public system addressed to the training of researchers and developers of medicaments that cares about the need of a responsible use of drugs.

- Furthermore, this is the only Master’s Degree of the Valencian Community addressed to the posgraduate training when it comes to medicaments and its creation, research and develop procedure.

- Its diversity and training quality, guaranteed by more than 50 professionals that work every day to offer the best possible training to the students of this official Master’s Degree. Professionals belonging to big hospitals like the University Hospital La Fe or the Doctor Moliner Hospital, but also international specialists.

- Its curriculum stands out because of the several optative subjects since half of the Master’s Degree subjects (30 credits) are chosen by the student among a catalogue of almost 20 subjects.

- Furthermore, since it is an official Master’s Degree, the U.M. in Research and Rational Use of Medicaments allow students accessing to doctoral studies in the Universitat de València.

If you hold a licenciatura (former Spanish titulation) or a Degree in Pharmacy, Medicine or any related field and you are interested in research and rational use of medicaments, do not hesitate, this is your Master’s Degree!