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The doctors of the Teaching Unit of Physical Education (Department of Teaching of Musical, Visual and Corporal expression) linked to the teaching and research activity of the Master’s Degree in Research in Specific Didactics and the Doctoral Studies (Physical Education Teaching) are:

Surnames and Name Position Contacte
Monfort Pañego, Manuel     Titular d' Universitat     9616(25012)
Molina García, Javier Titular d' Universitat 9616(25170 )
Peiro Velert, Carmen Titular d' Universitat 9638(64696)
Martinez Bello, Vladimir Contractat Dr. Interí 9616(25473)
Martos García, Daniel Contractat Dr. Interí 9639(83383)
Estevan Torres, Isaac Ajudant Dr. 9616 (25109)
García Massó, Xavier Ajudant Dr. 9638 (64694)
García Puchades, Wenceslao       Ajudant Dr. 9616 (25488)
Valencia Peris, Alexandra Ajudant Dra. 9638 (28920)