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  • Estudiants de laboratori


Any student who completes and achieves the Master’s Degree is in a position to take any of the tasks and responsibilities related to human parasitic diseases.
The Master’s Degree provides practical training and theoretical training of health professionals updated to perform work functions charges of all kinds and levels in the broad field of struggle, control, diagnosis, dissemination, teaching and study of parasitic diseases worldwide. In particular, we highlight:

  1. Analysis of human and animal samples (human Parasitology, pets Parasitology  and wildlife Parasitology) .
  2. Analysis environmental samples (water, etc).
  3. Food analysis.
  4. Health professional of International Vaccination Centres (Ministry of Finance and Public Administration).
  5. Health professional in Ministry / Departments / Local Governments of Agriculture, Food and Environment.
  6. Health professional in Tropical Medicine Centres (Hospitals).
  7. Teaching in Tropical Parasitology.
  8. Research in Tropical Parasitology.
  9. Health professional in NGOs and other national and supranational organizations (PAHO, WHO, FAO, OIE, UNESCO, UNICEF, etc.).
  10. Pharmaceutical who perform the Master’s Degree: drugs adviser against tropical parasitic diseases.